MindSpring pilot study shows great results

A new pilot study, conducted by researcher and scientist Charlotte Kærgaard Sonne from Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry in 2016-2017, shows that participants in MindSpring are very satisfied with their outcome from MindSpring as well as improvements in their quality of life.


From 2016-2017, the MindSpring Centre conducted a study of participants' outcome of the MindSpring programme for parents.

The study was done in cooperation with postdoc. and doctor, Charlotte Kærgaard Sonne, Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry, with the purpose of investigating if the participants are satisfied with the outcome of MindSpring and if they experience improvement in their quality of life.

92 MindSpring-participants participated in the study and the results show: 

  • Very high satisfaction with the MindSpring programme
  • Positive outcome in relation to the specific MindSpring objectives: Family life, psychological problems, choices in life, and readiness for life in Denmark
  • On average approximately 25 % increase in quality of life

In February 2020, the research results were published in a scientific journal. You can read the abstract here