Groups for parents

Empowerment and support for parents living in exile

A MindSpring group for parents is for you, if you have come to Denmark as a refugee or an immigrant and is the parent of a small children or adolescents. 

The MindSpring group has a special focus on bringing up children and being a parent in a new country and a new cultural setting. 

In the group programme, you will have the possibility to discuss and get new knowledge together with other parents, whom are in the same situation as yourself and whom shares your native language. These are the topics of the group programme:

  • Cultural differneces
  • Different ways of bringing up children
  • Living in exile in Denmark
  • Stress
  • Trauma
  • Identity

A MindSpring group for parents can empower and support you as a parent and develop your parenting skills to bring up your children in a transcultural setting while keeping them safe and helping them to fulfil their potential.

In MindSpring you can achieve new knowledge and reflect on the challenges you experience and the choices you have to make when bringing up your children. Hence, MindSpring can give you new tools and ways of dealing with the issues related to bringing up your children in a new country. Participating in the group together with other parents like yourself, you will be given the possibility to learn from each other and exchange experiences. 

Contact the Danish Refugee Council if you want to participate in a group for parents.