Groups for Children

In 2017, the MindSpring Centre developed MindSpring for children with refugee backgrounds


MindSpring groups for children are something for you, if you have fled war in your home country and are between 9 and 14 years old. As a child, you can participate in MindSpring groups for children whether you arrived with your family or not. In a group for children, you will meet other children who have had experiences similar to yours. You will also learn more about:

  • What it means to be a refugee in a foreign country
  • How to understand feelings like being scared, angry, lonely, or sad
  • Get "tools" to handle these feelings
  • What strengths and good experiences you have in your life

You will meet other children who have also had to leave their home country. Some of them might possibly feel just like you. You can tell each other about your experiences, and maybe you will find out that you are not alone with your thoughts. In the group, you will meet new friends who have a lot in common with you. Maybe friendships will arise that will continue after the MindSpring programme is over.

The MindSpring Centre has already trained the first group of volunteer trainers in November 2017. The first MindSpring groups for children began in the local host region on January this year.

You can contact the MindSpring Centre to learn more about the economy and terms of cooperation.