Groups for Youths

Empowerment and support for young people living in exile

MindSpring for youths is for you, if you are young and have come to Denmark as a refugee or an immigrant, with or without your parents.

In the group programme you will have the possibility to discuss and get new knowledge together with other young people in a situation similar to yours and in your common mother tongue. These are the topics of the group programme:

  • Different norms and values
  • Being young in a new country
  • Stress and trauma
  • Loneliness and community
  • Identity

The MindSpring group programme for young people has a special focus on how it is for you to be living in a new country with norms and values that may be different from what you have been used to in the past. In the group you will share your experiences, good memories and reflections on living in exile with other young people.  


Livets Træ

 Livets Træ - The Tree of Life


You will have the possibility to get to know other young refugees or immigrants whom have had experiences similar to yours. You can dicuss the choices and sometimes difficult experiences that you might have as a young person living in Denmark. You are not alone with these issues. MindSpring provides the possibility to explore differences between Denmark and your home country regarding values, norms and cultures and to find your own position on the things you discuss in the group. 

You will participate together with other young people with a background similar to yours and together you will have the possibility to share challenges related to living in exile. Thereby you can share and get new ideas and tools to deal with these issues. MindSpring can be the offset for a new social network and new friends, where you can support and help each other during and after the group programme has ended. 


Contact the Danish Refugee Council if you want to participate in a group for young people.